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The Nudge Real Estate Show

Jun 30, 2017

Getting multiple buyers bidding for your home is a dream come true for anyone selling their home.

Ryan Poelman and Sean Walker of Nudge Real Estate walk you through how to get multiple offers

1. invest in amazing photos.  Poor quality photos will discourage buyers who are searching online.

2. Use a real estate broker....

Jun 29, 2017

Utah's real estate market is really hot in part because there is a shortage of inventory.  Not enough people are selling their homes.  Some of it's emotion, people don't want to sell a home they love so much.  But it's hard to maintain homes when you get older.

There are a lot of good reasons to build a home that will...

Jun 29, 2017

Ryan Poelman and Sean Walker talk about two more hot Utah markets, Draper and Orem.

Draper- median home price (listed)- $658,000

Draper- median home price (sold): $450,000

Difference may be people not getting their asking prices OR prices are rising very rapidly in Draper- probably the latter

Out on the west side of...

Jun 29, 2017

Ryan Poelman and Sean Walker talk about the hottest markets in Utah real estate.

This is a seller's market because inventory is low.  There are not enough houses being sold to keep up with demand.

Lots of people are doing for sale by owner.  Even still, most buyers are brought into a transaction by a real estate...