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The Nudge Real Estate Show

Jun 29, 2017

Ryan Poelman and Sean Walker talk about the hottest markets in Utah real estate.

This is a seller's market because inventory is low.  There are not enough houses being sold to keep up with demand.

Lots of people are doing for sale by owner.  Even still, most buyers are brought into a transaction by a real estate agent.  

Nudge Real Estate is a licensed broker that does a lot of business across Utah but especially in Utah County.

Here are two of the hottest markets in Utah:

American Fork- median price- $505,000

There is a lot of cool stuff happening in American Fork retail and business including a nice Maverick, several regional banks, and lots of new mixed use in that area up toward American Fork Hospital.

The new Walmart in American Fork will also help raise home prices.

Provo- median price- $440,000

There's a big range of home prices in Provo.  There's a modular home for sale for $110,000.  On the high side is a listing for $18.5million. 

Ryan and Sean also talk about how great Downtown Provo has become.