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The Nudge Real Estate Show

Jun 29, 2017

Utah's real estate market is really hot in part because there is a shortage of inventory.  Not enough people are selling their homes.  Some of it's emotion, people don't want to sell a home they love so much.  But it's hard to maintain homes when you get older.

There are a lot of good reasons to build a home that will fit your real life, especially when you start to see big changes like all your kids moving away.

Sean Walker of Nudge Real Estate talks to Natalie Thomas, Director of Sales for Edge Homes.

Edge homes is a local builder.  They build mostly in Utah and Salt Lake County and try to improve the communities in which they live.

They talk about the process of crafting a home that works for your specific family in your specific stage of life.

They also talk about "destination communities" where everything you need is close, even within walking distance.