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The Nudge Real Estate Show

Jun 30, 2017

Getting multiple buyers bidding for your home is a dream come true for anyone selling their home.

Ryan Poelman and Sean Walker of Nudge Real Estate walk you through how to get multiple offers

1. invest in amazing photos.  Poor quality photos will discourage buyers who are searching online.

2. Use a real estate broker.  They will market your home for you and bring in qualified buyers.

3. Be thoughtful about the listing price.  Take a few thousand dollars off of what you think it should be.  This will encourage offers.  Be careful, though, because if you price it too low, you won't get as much money in the end as you may have otherwise

Ryan and Seal also talk about the hottest market in Utah:  Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork is seeing great commercial growth which is bringing in a lot of jobs.  The prices are very affordable, and the commute is great into Provo and Oream.