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The Nudge Real Estate Show

Jul 27, 2017

Some people are searching for their dream home.  Others are searching for a great deal.  

Ryan Poelman and Sean Walker of Nudge Real Estate give a few tips for finding a great deal.  Something that's undervalued and can deliver a lot of equity.

If you're looking for a deal, start with a price range search.  Most people will search according to area and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Don't do that.

Instead, put in your price range, then look at the data.  What are the prices per square foot?  Are there any outliers?  How big are the properties.  This may help you find a good deal. 

Also look at what's been replaced or remodeled and what needs to be finished.  If you can find a low price per square foot with an unfinished basement, you could really win by finishing that basement in a smart way.